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10 Reasons why you should get married in July

Are you going to get married soon? There are many factors that couples consider regarding their wedding and probably the most important one is "Which month is better for a wedding?".

Among the multiple options, July often stands out as a popular choice due to its warm weather, vacation time, and vibrant atmosphere. Despite that, you have probably heard about the superstition that July is considered an unlucky month for weddings. In this blog post, we are going to explore the advantages of July weddings ignoring the superstitions associated with the month.

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Is July an unlucky month for a wedding?

The superstition surrounding July weddings has its roots in various cultural beliefs and historical events. In Western cultures, July is often linked to the Roman god of war, Mars.

It was believed that Mars's influence during this month would bring conflict and strife to marriages. Additionally, in certain cultures, July is associated with mourning or loss, making it an unfavorable time for celebrations.

However, this is just a superstition. In reality, the idea that July is an unlucky month for weddings lacks concrete evidence. It is more likely a product of cultural folklore and individual experiences rather than a universal truth. Countless couples have tied the knot in July and gone on to enjoy long and prosperous marriages, debunking the notion of inherent bad luck.

What are the July weddings' advantages?

Overall, July is a sweet month full of joy and freedom. Let's look at the Reasons to Consider a July Wedding.

1. Pleasant Weather

Who doesn't want sweet weather for his wedding? July creates pleasant weather in many regions, making it an ideal time for outdoor weddings.

July allows you to organize dream outdoor weddings without worrying about nasty weather as the temperatures are warmer and the chances of rain are lower.

Whether you opt for a beachfront celebration, a garden affair, or a romantic vineyard gathering,  clear skies and comfortable temperatures for you and your guests in July are guaranteed.

2. Extended Daylight Hours

One of the significant advantages of a July wedding is the ample amount of daylight available. With the sun setting later in the day, couples can plan their ceremonies and receptions to take advantage of the beautiful natural light.

This extended daylight provides an opportunity for stunning outdoor ceremonies, picturesque photo sessions, and the chance to enjoy the celebration well into the evening.

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3. Fresh and Seasonal Food

July is an abundant month for fresh and seasonal products. If you are a food enthusiast or prioritize farm-to-table dining experiences, a July wedding offers an excellent opportunity to showcase delicious and locally sourced cuisine.

From vibrant fruits and vegetables to delectable seafood and refreshing summer flavors, you can curate a menu that showcases the best of the season, exciting the taste buds of your guests and adding a culinary highlight to your wedding festivities.

4. Beautiful Outdoor Venues

July weddings offer the opportunity to take advantage of the abundance of stunning outdoor venues. Whether you envision exchanging vows against a backdrop of rolling hills, by the tranquil seaside, or in a picturesque garden, the options are limitless.

Many outdoor venues bloom to their fullest during July, providing a breathtaking natural backdrop that enhances the romantic atmosphere of your special day.

 5. Summery Color Palettes

For some couples the wedding visual design is important. July weddings provide the perfect canvas to explore and incorporate vibrant and lively color palettes into your wedding theme.

From sunny yellows to fiery oranges and refreshing blues, the mid-summer season allows for bold and bright color choices that evoke feelings of joy and celebration. The availability of an extensive range of colorful blooms allows couples to create stunning floral arrangements that embody the essence of summer.

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6. Family and Friends Reunions

With schools on summer break and many people taking time off work, July offers an ideal opportunity to bring together family and friends from near and far. Your wedding can become a memorable reunion for loved ones who rarely get the chance to gather in one place.

The relaxed summer atmosphere, coupled with your wedding celebration, will create a joyful and festive ambiance, strengthening the bonds between family and friends.

7. Seasonal Blooms

Floral enthusiasts will be charmed in the bountiful arrangement of seasonal blooms available during July. From elegant roses to delicate daisies, a wide variety of flowers flourish during this time of year, allowing couples to choose from an extensive selection for their centerpieces, bridal bouquets, and floral installations.

Additionally, the abundance of blooms in July allows couples to get flowers with reduced costs compared to off-season ones, enabling couples to allocate their budget more efficiently.

If you live in San Francisco and looking for a unique bridal bouquet, take time to look at an attractive assortment of bridal bouquets at Flower Boom San Francisco.

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8. Summer-Themed Décor

A July wedding invites you to embrace a summer-themed décor that embodies the carefree and relaxed vibes of the season. From incorporating elements like seashells, starfish, and marine accents for beach weddings to using vibrant lanterns and rustic wooden details for garden celebrations, the possibilities are endless.

July's warm and sunny ambiance creates the perfect setting for incorporating unique and charming touches into your wedding decorations.

9. Honeymoon Opportunities

Going on a honeymoon in sweet weather is another level of relaxation. Having a July wedding opens up a world of honeymoon possibilities. Many couples take advantage of the summer break and plan their honeymoon directly after their wedding.

July offers various destinations and activities, such as tropical beach getaways, European adventures, or exploring natural wonders. It allows newlyweds to embark on their honeymoon while the weather is still ideal and the world is teeming with exciting opportunities.

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10. Availability of Vendors

Since July is a popular wedding month, as we mentioned,  it often means that wedding vendors are well-prepared to accommodate the high demand. This includes photographers, florists, caterers, and musicians, who are experienced in managing multiple events during this time of year.

As a result, you are more likely to have a broader selection of vendors to choose from. Moreover, this increased availability can potentially lead to advantageous deals or the provision of more personalized services tailored to your specific preferences.

July weddings hold numerous advantages that go beyond the expected benefits of seasonal blooms and pleasant weather. The month offers a vibrant and joyful atmosphere, thanks to the availability of exciting summer activities and the vacation vibes that come with it.

Embrace the summer's warmth and create cherished memories that will be forever associated with the magic of July. Your July wedding will be a joyful celebration that reflects the beauty and love of the season.

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