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What exactly do women want? 10 things to make a woman happy and satisfied.

What do women really want? It's a question that has puzzled men for centuries. While every woman is different and has her unique desires and needs, some common themes emerge when we look at the research.

By knowing the real needs and desires of women you can make your woman feel special and loved and it’s not always about giving her luxury gifts and flowers. Here are 10 things that women want, based on studies and surveys.


The results of the Pew Research Center survey show that 84% of women appreciate being treated with respect. After all, regardless the gender it’s important to treat every person with respect. While sometimes we evidence discrimination toward women.


Based on a study by the Gottman Institute, couples who communicate effectively have stronger and healthier relationships. Women want partners who are willing to listen and communicate openly. The lack of communication leads to neuroses and reserved emotions, which can someday accidentally burst into a conflict.

Emotional Support

In a survey by the National Marriage Project, 93% of women said that emotional support is important in a relationship. Some men are emotionally unavailable or don’t pay attention to what women go through. But emotional attachment and support are some great values every couple should have to build a healthy relationship.

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According to a survey by, 70% of women say that trust is a non-negotiable in a relationship. No trust, no respect.


According to the same survey, 54% of women believe that a healthy sexual life is essential for a successful relationship. It’s one of the main components of love you shouldn’t underrate.


The Pew Research Center found that 62% of women believe that gender equality has not yet been achieved in the United States. With International Women’s Day approaching, it’s essential to finally embrace equality in genders, as it remains a social problem for some people.

So many wonderful women have contributed to social, political, economical, and other aspects of life while have been forgotten because of the “that’s not a woman’s place” misconception.

Shared Values

In a survey by eHarmony, 64% of women said that shared values are important in a long-term relationship. When you both have the same perspective in life, sharing moments becomes more interesting. 


According to a study by the University of California, Berkeley, feeling appreciated is a key factor in long-term relationship satisfaction. To appreciate the special woman in your life you don’t need to wrap her up in luxury gifts. Just show her you care about her needs and if necessary show your appreciation by giving her unique bouquets.

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The same study by the National Marriage Project found that 70% of women believe that having independence in a relationship is important. Yes, the majority of women don’t like being addicted to men and living in their shadows. They prefer the freedom of choice and voice, they love themselves, while men’s love makes them more complete and happier.

Quality Time

A survey by the Families and Work Institute found that 50% of women say that spending quality time with their partners is a priority. Sometimes life gets super busy and lovers don’t manage to spend quality time with each other. No matter what, make a room for seeing each other and having deep conversations.

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Overall, women want a partner who will treat them with respect, communicate effectively, provide emotional support, trust them, and share their values. They also value intimacy, equality, appreciation, independence, and quality time. While every woman is unique and has individual desires and needs, these common themes can provide a useful framework for understanding what women really want.

What are women interested in?

Women have diverse interests that span a wide range of topics and pursuits. These interests may be influenced by personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, and societal expectations. Ultimately, what women are interested in varies from person to person, and it is important to recognize and celebrate the unique passions and pursuits of each individual.

To recognize your woman’s values better and to treat her the way she would like, first, know her interests. Here are the key aspects women are interested in.

Education and Learning

Some women are interested in furthering their education and pursuing careers that challenge them more than anything. They may also enjoy learning about new subjects and pursuing hobbies that allow them to expand their knowledge and skills.

Health and Wellness

While all people should pay attention to their health, some women are more drawn to maintaining good health and wellness. This includes exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and taking care of their mental health through meditation, therapy, or other practices.

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Arts and Culture

Nowadays, more and more women often enjoy exploring and appreciating different forms of art and culture, including music, literature, film, and visual arts. They may attend concerts and live performances., visit museums, or participate in artistic hobbies such as writing or painting.

Parenting and Family

Some women are interested in starting a family from an early age. They may be interested in learning about child development, parenting techniques, and family dynamics. Later, they may also enjoy spending time with their children and participating in family activities.

Social Justice and Activism

Many women are passionate about social justice issues and may be involved in activism and advocacy efforts. They may support causes related to gender equality, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, or environmentalism.

Travel and Adventure

The adventurous types of women can’t imagine their life without travel. They enjoy exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. They may travel solo or with friends and family, seeking out adventure and new experiences.

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Entrepreneurship and Business

Many women are interested in starting their businesses or pursuing careers in entrepreneurship. They may be interested in developing their products or services or collaborating with others to create innovative solutions.

Personal Growth and Development

Women may be interested in personal growth and development, including self-improvement, mindfulness, and spirituality. They may read self-help books, attend workshops or retreats, or practice meditation and other spiritual practices.

Get to know your woman!

Let’s break the stereotypes that claim women are hard to communicate or impress. The key is to understand the type of your woman and treat her uniquely according to her needs. 

Now that you are familiar with some of the essential components of what women want or what they are most interested in, we hope you would treat the woman in your life or the future one right. It’s also important to always talk to the woman and directly ask her about her needs if you live together.

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