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The average cost of wedding centerpieces in 2023

As the sweetest season is approaching, many couples plan their wedding days. The first thing you think of is how to decorate your wedding venue.

Although a wedding is the most memorable and happy day, organizing it can be challenging.

In this post, we covered some of the most frequently asked questions about one of the most time-consuming parts, which is the wedding decoration.

What is a wedding centerpiece?

Wedding centerpieces are part of wedding decoration, which create a special mood and atmosphere. Wedding centerpieces are the prettiest demonstration of your wedding style, so they must be carefully thought out.

When planning a wedding, couples, especially brides, want to decide in detail how to decorate their wedding venue (tables, hall, etc). Inviting and appropriate wedding centerpieces can catch guests’ attention and evoke positive feelings throughout the whole event.

Wedding centerpieces come in a variety of types, such as:

o   flower arrangements

o   balloons

o   hanging bulbs

o   candles

o   alternative decorations

What is the most popular form of centerpiece? What are the benefits of using a centerpiece? Where should the centerpiece be placed? How much do the wedding centerpieces cost? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, continue reading.

 light pink and blush centerpieces

What is the most popular form of a centerpiece?

The most popular and so-called traditional form of a centerpiece is a floral arrangement. You probably have noticed different types of flower arrangements neatly placed in the center of tables. Event designers can keep them tall, short, big, or small, tied with a ribbon, and so on. The point is, they give the “wedding vibes” like nothing else.

Some other popular wedding centerpieces that designers recommend include vases, candles, hanging bulbs, or chandeliers, and led lights.

How to choose wedding centerpieces?

We agree that choosing which decoration to use at your wedding can be overwhelming. As we mentioned, wedding centerpieces play a great role in how you and your guests will feel at the wedding. Luckily, there’s not much to worry about. We have some simple tips to guide you in this decision. 

While deciding which decoration to use, first think of what wedding style you want. It will meanwhile dictate the colors and even the dress you will wear on your special day.

What are the different types of wedding styles:

  • Classic wedding theme
  • Vintage wedding theme
  • Beach wedding theme
  • Fairytale wedding theme
  • Glamorous wedding theme

These are some popular wedding themes, but they can be infinite. Which style is close to your heart? Maybe you want a fairytale wedding, which is supposed to be in dreamy colors and include some mystical details, like candlelight and wildflowers.

After deciding on the overall theme of your wedding, it will be easier to plan the centerpieces part. You can anyway trust the process to professional designers to save your time and energy on other preparations.

 wedding in the dark

Where should the centerpiece be placed?

Mostly, wedding centerpieces are placed in the center of the tables. Tables in a wedding hall without centerpieces look boring. A well-designed flower centerpiece or a candle holder centerpiece can make a simple table into a festivity. While placing the centerpiece on the table, make sure not to block any guest’s view.

Some designs offer to place centerpieces not necessarily in the middle of the tables, but along the edges of them.

If your wedding theme is something big and glamorous, we have a stunning decoration idea for you. Get luxurious boxed flowers and place them all along the wedding hall. Here you can find flowers in a box starting from only $134.

One more alternative way to place a centerpiece is by setting an arc at the end of the hall covered in flowers, vines, small branches, etc.


white wedding centerpiece

How much do the wedding centerpieces cost?

Every wedding is different however, the styles can be similar. Wedding centerpieces' price depends on several factors. They include the wedding season and location, as well as, centerpiece size, type, and availability.

For example, if you choose floral arrangements as wedding centerpieces and you want to save money, you must choose seasonal flowers. If you’re married in winter, it’s best to choose amaryllis or poinsettias. It’s not a secret that, for example, tulips are more expensive in winter than in spring when they are naturally grown.

The average cost of wedding centerpieces in 2023 is $50-$150 per table, which is almost 7% of the overall wedding budget.

Note that hiring a professional florist can cost you more because they usually add 25-100% of the cost of decorative products.

How much is the average cost of a bridal bouquet?

A bridal bouquet is another wedding centerpiece that is by far the most important attribute of the special day. The cost of a bridal bouquet again depends on several factors. Do you prefer a simple and small bouquet made of seasonal flowers or an eye-catching and puffy one?

The bridal bouquet can cost even $0 if the bride decides to pick the flowers from her garden, tie them with a ribbon, or add some greenery to make a unique bouquet.

On average, bridal bouquets cost $180. Flower Boom provides the best flower delivery services in San Francisco. Our florist designers will help you choose the best bridal bouquet starting from $157 matching your wedding theme.

By the way, if you want to find a bouquet on a budget, avoid arrangements including these flowers. The most expensive flowers for weddings are orchids and hydrangeas. On the other hand, some of the most budget-friendly wedding flowers include carnations, tulips, and roses.

Do brides pay for their flowers?

The expenses of everything floral, including centerpieces, corsages for bridesmaids, and a bridal bouquet, are covered by whoever pays for the wedding. Traditionally, the groom’s side pays for that.

However, this is just a tradition, and only you and your significant other decide who pays for what.


bridal bouquet all white and light pink

Hope, this article gave you the information you needed for planning the decoration of the most memorable day in your life. Remember, that it’s your love day, and don’t let anything upset you.

If you find it hard to organize the wedding centerpieces part, hire a florist and let them turn your dream wedding into reality.


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