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The essential things you must know regarding Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day isn’t like any other day no matter how you’re used to treating your loved one. On this day, you can be extra romantic. This is a very special day of the year when you can find a way to show your significant other that you care.

We believe that the vast majority of couples take Valentine’s day seriously and prepare appropriately. We’ve already introduced the best gift and date ideas for Valentine’s Day. It’s time to answer other frequently asked questions regarding Valentine’s Day.

Who usually plans Valentine’s day?

Are you dating, are you married, or have you been together for more than 2 years? All these counts, because relationship levels matter when it comes to planning and celebrating Valentine's Day. Is it a guy’s responsibility? Let’s see.

If you’re newly dating, keep it romantic, yet not so pushy. Usually, in heterosexual couples, men tend to do the first step in case of fresh relationships. It can be sending a greeting card or taking her to a movie. Don’t leap into intimacy, it can make your new partner uncomfortable.

If you and your loved one are dating for almost a year, it means you know each other’s passions, hobbies, and interests. You don’t have to set boundaries.

In this case, couples usually plan Valentine’s evening together. It can be a date night at a restaurant, an art class, or a city tour. In some cases, guys take the initiative to surprise their girlfriends. This is the stage of relationships when you still want to give her an “every time like the first time” impression.

Engaged and married couples usually carefully plan Valentine’s Day even months ago. In this stage of the relationship both men and women are willing to invest their time, money, and energy into celebrating their love.


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How much do people spend on Valentine's Day?

Romance is romance, but let’s not ignore the financial factor Valentine brings. Unfortunately, as studies show, 70% of couples break up because of money issues.

So, try to plan your budget wisely. If you want to go big, do it! But avoid making last-minute plans on Valentine’s Day, because the product and service rates go higher as Valentine’s Day approaches.

According to surveys US people took a part in, male partners spend more money on Valentine’s gifts and dates than female ones.

The average amount men tend to spend on Valentine’s Day is $25-$160, while the amount women spend is $20-$150.

Moreover, people who lead healthy romantic relationships are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to once again show their sweethearts how much they love them.

Money doesn’t define the depth of your love, anyway going big on Valentine’s Day makes sense, because it’s not every day.

How can I make my Valentine happy?


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Let’s confess that our everyday life often gets busy and messy. It’s like we can’t make time for being romantic. Valentine’s Day gives the advantage of getting rid of everyday worries and raising the romance and happiness level in our relationships.

It’s ok if you can’t figure out how to make this Valentine’s Day really special and romantic. Take our tips and trust the process.

Discover what your partner likes

The meaning of giving gifts or making romantic dates is surprising your partner with exactly the things he/she likes. Of course, figuring out your partner’s passions can take time. But is it even love if you don’t want to invest your time in building a healthy relationship?

The majority of couples make a mistake by not talking to each other enough. So, make sure you have heart-to-heart conversations with your partner, where you can discover the things they love deep in their hearts.

Only after knowing your partner’s definition of “romantic gifts” or “romantic gestures” find a way to impress them.

The part in our latest article when we speak about what you can get your girlfriend or boyfriend according to their type might be helpful for you.


Keep your plans secret

Before you start wondering why let us warn you that it’s not the same as lying to your partner.

Almost 40% of couples want to experience something new. So, make a surprise and take your partner somewhere new or get them anything they’ve never got. It can be even unusual Valentine’s flowers for her or an original personalized gift for him.

Maybe everything you give to your significant other or do for them touches them, but deep down they wait for something unexpected. So, make it happen to see their satisfied smiles.   


Give your time to your loved one

Does your partner call you a workaholic? Maybe, he/she subconsciously wants you to be a little more drawn to them? No luxurious gift can replace the time you give your significant other. This time let your love language be your presence.

So, if you want your Valentine to feel special and happy, take a day off and enjoy all day with him/her.


Idealize Valentine’s Day

If you don’t consider Valentine’s Day a big deal,  start doing so. Sure, you’re supposed to appreciate your significant other every day. But there’s nothing wrong if you kind of “exaggerate” Valentine’s Day and celebrate it like never before.

This approach will make your partner happy even if he/she refuses to get extra attention or extraordinary gifts.


Ask your partner

Surprises are cute and captivating, but what if you directly talk to your bae and find out what they want from you on Valentine’s Day to feel happy?

It’s not only about material gifts. Maybe their happiness level lies in attending a museum with you.

You can also share your needs. Make it a day of making each others’ imaginations real.

Is Valentine’s day only for lovers?

Valentine’s Day, also called St. Valentine’s Day, came to be celebrated as a day of love and romance in the 14th century. Until now, people in the US as well as some countries all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day with their romantic partners.

On the other hand, love is love, be it romantic, platonic, or universal. The core of any type of love is the attempt of understanding each other, supporting, and sharing special moments.

So, it’s up to you to decide who you want to call your Valentine. Maybe your grandmother needs love and attention. Get a super cute fresh flower arrangement and visit her. Take this opportunity to once again show your grandmother you love her endlessly. Do the same with the other members of your family.


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What to do if you don’t have a Valentine?

Don’t forget about yourself. Love is not something you go and get, first, you need to sow seeds of love in yourself. The way you treat yourself, your future partner will treat you.

There are many ways to spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day if you’re single. For example, take a day off, switch off your phone, and have a SPA day.

It’s essential to do whatever your heart wants, but most importantly, take this beautiful chance to embrace your true self and repeat to yourself “I love you, my Valentine”.  



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