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Valentine’s Day gifts and date ideas 2023

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, couples are getting ready to celebrate their love. There is much to think about: what to give your partner on Valentine’s Day to make him or her feel special, how to celebrate Valentine’s Day to make it unforgettable, how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your LDR partner, etc. 

In this post, we gathered a lot of useful information for couples who want to have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day 2023. 

loving kissing couple

What can I do with my partner on Valentine’s Day 2023?

Giving chocolates and luxurious flowers on Valentine’s Day is a cute and romantic gesture. But Valentine’s is not only about romantic gifts. It’s also about spending more time with the one you love, upgrading your relationship, going deeper into each other’s personalities, and finally, celebrating the fact you have each other.

Planning a perfect date for Valentine’s Day may sometimes get stressful. But don’t worry, we gathered a list of Valentine’s Day date ideas for couples. Each couple will find an idea fitting their budget and interests.

A list of Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2023.

  1.   Play a game

According to psychological studies playing a game together with your partner equals heartwarming physical contact. It activates oxytocin, the love hormone. On this special day organize a board game with the one you adore and catch the love in the air.

  1.   Go stargazing

What can be more special than a romantic stargazing tour on Valentine’s Day? Plus, a wine picnic on the roof and a heart-to-heart. Make it happen this year and you’ll never forget that day.


stargazers romantic couple

  1.   Ride a boat

Riding a boat is another romantic and adventurous Valentine’s Day date idea for couples. Book a boat tour and feel the love waves together.

  1.   Take a pottery class

Similar to playing a game, taking an art class with your partner gives you a dose of happiness. In addition to that, playing with clay is always calming and therapeutic. You both will like that new experience.

  1.   Have a SPA day

The rules of the “game” are simple: turn off your social media notifications and turn on the relaxing mood with the one you love. Reserve a visit at the nearest SPA center. This Valentine’s Day activity is appropriate both for married and fresh couples.

  1.   Go to a concert

If you’re a go-out couple, rather than stay home all day, then going to a concert and enjoying some good music is all you need to refresh. If you live in San Francisco, we found a guide to some fun concerts in SF

  1.   Drink Wine at your favorite restaurant

At first, the idea of having a wine date seems simple, but what if you spice everything up?

At your favorite restaurant, don’t just drink wine, but play “Never have I ever”  with your partner. Whether you have been dating recently or for years, this game will reveal things you didn’t know about your partner. 

Every time you answer “I have”, take a sip of wine.

What can I do for her on Valentine’s Day to make her feel special?

Women are sometimes hard to impress, but everything gets easier when you know her character. So, before making up a perfect date with her or searching for a perfect gift for her on Valentine’s day, try to remember her most specific traits.

Let’s see what women with different characteristics mostly like to get as Valentine’s gifts, or how they like to be treated.


Romantic Lady

Does she like everything sweet, pinky, and fluffy? Let’s call her a romantic lady. She’s 100% obsessed with delicate flowers and stuffed toys.

So if you want to make your romantic lady feel special on Valentine’s Day get her an adorable gift set of fresh roses, chocolates, and a super fluffy bear. Don’t forget to add a handwritten greeting card, with a heartwarming message.

When it comes to a date idea with your romantic lady, take her to a cute place where you can have talks and cuddles.

luxury roses, chocolate and plush bear, romantic gift set

Fire lady

If she does everything gracefully, has a never-ending sparkle inside, yet looks quiet then she’s the “fire lady” type.

A pair of elegant earrings will warm her heart on Valentine’s Day. You can get them on Etsy, Amazon, or at the jewelry store near you. 

The fire lady will like a date idea where she can get her delicate dress and effortlessly shine all day. You can invite her to a wine date in a fancy restaurant or maybe to an art gallery.


emerald heart shaped earrings

Mysterious lady

You’ll never guess what she’s up to. She’s a little bit dreamy but when it comes to goals, she’s a getter. She’s silent but deep down she has the most interesting things to say.

If you find this looks like your girl, then she’s the “mysterious” type. What you can give your mysterious lady to make her feel special on Valentine’s Day is your time.

You can spend your Valentine’s Day doing random stuff from recreating your first date to taking a  new class. She may not always like everything planned.

Get her something she’ll never expect – something personalized, for example, a personalized music box.

gift music box

As a completing part get her seductive black and white roses bouquet.

What can I do for him on Valentine’s Day to make her feel special?

All the stereotypes aside, men are different, and there's no universal gift or gesture that will make ANY man feel special.

Let’s see what are the main categories of men and how you can surprise the special man in your life according to his traits.

Mr. Adventurous

If he leads an active life and likes to gain new experiences by visiting new places, tasting new food, etc, then he’s the most flexible “adventurous” type.

Usually, you can make an adventurous man feel loved and special by dating him in unusual places. You can go ski-diving with him. It will give you and especially him a dose of adrenaline.

A material gift for an adventurous man can be anything warm and comfy that will come in handy while climbing a mountain, riding a bike, etc. Another gift is a waterproof power bank, which is essential as well while going into the wild. 


gift for him waterproof power bank

Mr. Philosopher

He’s into deep intellectual conversations, likes to have debates, rarely romantic yet likes thoughtful gifts and attention. If this is about your man, here is how you can surprise him.

Being intellectual doesn’t mean he likes to read all the time, so let’s exclude books. Instead, get him a capturing intellectual board game to play with his friends or with you. You can find a selection of great intellectual board games on Amazon.

board game


Mr. Emotional

Who said men can’t be emotional? Some men can feel everything deeply and that’s what makes them special. Usually, this kind of man creates strong bonds and appreciates every little thing his significant other does for him.

A perfect Valentine’s day gift for him would be something connected to you both, for example, a mug with your photo or a ring with a cute message.

ring with a text on it


 How to be romantic on Valentine’s Day in a distant relationship?

We all know that distance relationships are tough. You can’t hug the one you love miles away whenever you want. Distance relationships always require an extraordinary amount of trust and dedication. Plus, you must keep the romance.

Couples in distance relationships can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day the way other couples do. But there are lots of romantic and original ideas to express and celebrate your love when you’re apart.

Plan an online date

Of course, this is not like an ordinary date with more hugs and kisses. But you both can switch to the same TV show or online concert and enjoy the evening.

Send gifts

Who said you can’t surprise your partner miles away by sending him/her cute and romantic gifts? Make this Valentine’s Day special and send him/her something interesting you’ve never done.

Take a relationship quiz

No matter how long you have been dating your partner, there’s always room to know him or her better. On this Valentine’s day get honest with your significant other and take a relationship quiz together.

Send romantic messages

Don’t underestimate the power of words, especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship and chat a lot. Carefully chosen yet genuine words can make the day of your sweetheart.  


girl sending text messages

 Make karaoke night

Sing your heart out this Valentine’s Day with your partner. Having fun by singing your favorite songs doesn’t require special equipment. Have a video call and turn on an instrumental version of a song on Youtube on your laptop.


So, how did you find our guide to Valentine’s Day 2023? Do you still have questions related to Valentine’s? If yes, write in the comments. We’re curious to know.

If you love someone, you want to express it every day through little gestures. Valentine’s day is one more special occasion to celebrate your love. So, follow our tips and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your partner.

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